LIFESTYLE 9/20/17 12:23pm

Two Chains takes the stage at Auburn Airwaves

Auburn, Ala (EETV)- Auburn’s University programs council rebooted their semi-annual Auburn Airwaves concert after last semester’s hiatus this past  Monday . The show hosted in the Auburn Arena included performances by The Score, We The Kings, and headliner 2 Chains. Students received discounted tickets to attend the show with most arriving just in time for 2 Chain’s hour long set.  We The Kings lead singers joked that they didn’t know whether to call Auburn’s mascot the war eagles or the tigers but all confusion was put aside when a special appearance from Aubie came to close out their set.

LIFESTYLE 9/14/17 10:43pm

​Crayola adds a new, “Bluetiful” color to the 24-count family

Keith Urban might think “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” but Crayola thinks otherwise. On Thursday, the staple crayon company, Crayola, announced a new shade of blue named “bluetiful” to join the current 24-count Crayola box. According to Fox News, the name “bluetiful” beat other potential names in a nationwide competition created by Crayola including “blue moon bliss, “dreams come true,” “reach for the stars,” and “star spangled blue.” “Bluetiful” is replacing the color “dandelion” in the Crayola 24-pack, making it the first time a color was removed and replaced since the original box was released.

LIFESTYLE 9/8/17 11:17am

Opelika Ice cream shop opening its doors to evacuees

Opelika, Ala. (EETV) - As Hurricane Irma bares down on the state of Florida, the smallest evacuees in our area are finding comfort in an unusual place. O-Town ice cream in Opelika took to twitter inviting visiting families to come by their store to give their children a free Ice cream. One woman headed to Opelika responded to the tweet with an unusual request, a sweet treat for her fur babies. The store has seen a huge response since the tweet was posted, many thanking them for their kindness.

LIFESTYLE 9/7/17 8:01am

Auburn ranked among the best Small Towns by Southern Living

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Auburn has been ranked as one of The South’s Best Small Towns 2017 by Southern Living. Two Alabama cities Auburn (7) and Florence (10) made the list, which was determined by a survey of more than 22,000 Southern Living readers.  Towns selected span across the south and share traits such as “a thriving downtown with locally owned restaurants, shops, and galleries; a touch of the artsy; loads of character; friendly locals; and, of course, a beautiful location." The list highlighted Auburn’s tree-shaded streets and old storefronts as elements that lend to its quality.

LIFESTYLE 9/5/17 9:31pm

HURRICANE NAMES: Is your name next?

Over the last month, Hurricanes have been thrust into the spotlight by the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. With so much interest in hurricanes, many are wondering if their name could be next.

LIFESTYLE 8/28/17 10:04am

Emerge at Auburn Kicks off Sunday night

Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Nearly 1,000 students filled Beard–Eaves–Memorial Coliseum Sunday night for the kick off of Emerge at Auburn. The evening featured several speakers including a keynote from Auburn President, Dr. Stephen Leath and stand up comic and Auburn Dad, Jeff Fox Worthy. Foxworthy used the acronym "redneck" to remind students of the skills and attributes they will need as a leader.  Over the next year, Emerge students will be participating in a special speaker series and several events designed to grow their leadership potential. Emerge is a new leadership program on campus this year replacing its successor Freshman Leadership Program (FLP). Rather than the one year FLP program, Emerge is a four year successive leadership experience designed to help students find an "alternative future worth forming." The goal of the program is to help Auburn men and women develop the leadership skills to lead on campus, in the community, and in their future career field.

LIFESTYLE 8/25/17 8:56am

COIN concert recap

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Chances are, if you were anywhere near the student center and campus green last night, you stopped to bob your head to the beat only for a moment until switching to full on dancing as COIN’s energy filled the grounds. Based in Nashville, TN.

LIFESTYLE 8/24/17 4:35pm

​Taylor Swift’s back with new single dropping tonight

Taylor Swift has done it again. Taylor Swift is known for many things - dancing like nobody’s watching, expressing a devotion to her cats, relating to her fans through songs featuring milestones we’ve all lived - and, as of yesterday, she can add announcing a new single and new album all in one day to that list.

LIFESTYLE 8/23/17 8:10pm

Top 5 Miss Homecoming candidates announced

AUBURN, ALA. (EETV) - The top five Miss Homecoming candidates were announced Wednesday night. Cater Lawn was filled with hundreds of supportive friends as the top five candidates for Miss Homecoming was read aloud by the Elections Board.The girls made their way through the crowd toward the top of the stairs and were met with a contagious wave of cheering and clapping from their respective nominating organizations. As we draw nearer to naming Miss Homecoming, the number of girls has been narrowed considerably each callout: The 43 girls who submitted platforms was trimmed to 20 on Tuesday evening with the top five following tonight. A breath of relief combined with overwhelming joy was evident for Camille Smith who said “this whole experience... I can only say it has been surreal” after being nominated by her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. For Nicole Finley, this entire experience is beyond a pleasant surprise.