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This week on Wake Up Auburn, we're discussing the latest in entertainment news. From Taylor Swift's newest album to our twist on the "One Chip Challenge," we're all smiles as we look forward to Thanksgiving Break!

Wake Up Auburn | November 15, 2017

Wake Up Auburn | November 15, 2017

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - This week on Wake Up Auburn we will be updating you on the Roy Moore allegations and the most recent fraternity to be revoked of their charter. We talk all things Taylor Swift and her newest album, Reputation. November is in full swing and we share the purpose of not shaving this month. Liam takes to the streets to find out if people are opting for traditional Thanksgiving dinners or nontraditional potlucks and eating out at restaurants. Kate teaches us a new recipe for this Thanksgiving season: pumpkin spice donut holes. Christie and Liam take part in the viral "one chip challenge" and we talk about how you can be put in a cage surrounded by lions. Everyone at Wake Up Auburn wishes that you have a safe and fun Thanksgiving break, War Eagle!


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