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Courtesy of Auburn Opelika Tourism

Auburn's halloween haunted tour leaves a mark on campus

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Brandon Stoker and John-Mark Poe hosted a haunted walking tour of downtown Auburn on Halloween weekend. This tour started at 8:00 PM, lasting about 2 hours on Friday and Saturday, and featuring many stories about the area's haunted history.

The guides started by setting the tone of the tour, showing a picture of one of their past groups. In it, you could see a man with gray skin wearing a hoodie. Both the guides claimed to not remember this person being part of the tour, and that you could see the bricks of the sidewalk through him. 

The walking tour visited many iconic locations throughout Opelika, including Biggin Hall, Samford Hall, RBD Library, and the Pine Hills Cemetery. At each of these locations, the guides would tell paranormal stories specific to them. All of these stories were original, consisting of personal experiences from the guides, acquaintances, and past guests of the tour. The tour ended at the University Chapel, with a recount of the famous story of Sydney Grimlett. 

This all amounts to a spooky, interesting, and entertaining tour through Auburn's haunted history that made for a memorable two-hour event on a Friday evening.


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