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​Favorite Halloween candy by state

With Halloween right around the corner, we're looking at the most popular candies by state.

​Favorite Halloween candy by state

​Favorite Halloween candy by state

If you caught the most recent episode of Wake Up Auburn, you might have caught our segment on the most popular Halloween candies by state. I referenced a survey about favored candies by state conducted by Business Insider last year, but it turns out a survey carefully conducted by has just been released as of this year. People’s website contains the full list, while the Today Show has the same information in map form (links to both will be provided below for those interested). This list provides plenty of predictable information; lots of people like chocolate bars and Skittles. Interestingly, Alabama differentiates, with our state’s most-preferred candy being candy corn.

Just for fun, we conducted our own mini-survey and asked ten Auburn students from different states what their favorite Halloween candies were. Here’s our results:

  1. David A. from CA – Sour Patch Kid

  2. Kendall P. from MO – Kit Kats

  3. John R. from CT – Dots

  4. Beau B. from FL – Reese’s Cups

  5. Braden L. from TN – Twix

  6. Emma H. from MA – Twizzlers

  7. Ethan N. from SC – Reese’s Cups

  8. Jennifer L. from MS – Almond Joy

  9. Jonathan J. from GA – Dots

  10. Josiah S. from AL – Reese’s Cups

It may be a small survey, but it’s indicative of nothing if not that Auburn likes Reese’s Cups. I’m still genuinely surprised that we manage to find not one, but two students who like Dots, which is a candy I can’t say you hear about too often. Regardless of your tastes in candy, I think we’re all agreed that it’s phenomenal. Just try not to overindulge on Halloween.

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