Montgomery, Ala. - Governor Kay Ivey announced that officials from three cabinet agencies and speaker Mac McCutcheon of the Alabama House of Representatives will participate in a learning lab to help states support caregivers of the elderly.

“I’m honored Alabama was one of the five states chosen for this CHCS program, and I appreciate this team for their willingness to participate,” said Ivey. “Many caregivers do all they can to take care of their loved ones, but they don’t always have the knowledge, time or resources to provide the best care. This program will allow our team to gain valuable insight and to develop viable options to better support family caregivers.”

The state’s team, which consists of four people, will discuss ways to improve program to support family caregivers through meetings and conference calls led by the Center for Health Care strategies.

The members of the Alabama team are McCutcheon, Traci Dunlin, director of the Alabama Caregiver Program, Sam Smith, director of the Alabama Department of Human Resources Adult Protective Services director and Ginger Wettingfeld, director of Long Term Care Healthcare Reform.

“Alabama is not alone in facing the challenges of caring for our aging population,’’ said McCutcheon. “The caregiver initiative was created to allow states to work together to find solutions through policy interventions and programs, thereby helping individuals receive better care and services to improve their quality of life.”