AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Following the first one on Oct. 26, there have been no stop in protests regarding the mandated employee vaccine order.

As well as student-organized protests that are still taking place at Toomer's Corner, which you can read more about here, Governor Ivey has filed a lawsuit to challenge the vaccine mandate. She issued the following statement:

"I have joined a lawsuit to fight back against the outrageous, overreaching Biden vaccine mandates. From the moment the White House tried to force this vaccine on to Americans, I have said that Alabama is standing strong against it and that the best way to stop this is to go to the courts. I am proud to take this important step and join Georgia and other states to pursue the most effective legal path to stop this vaccine mandate dead in its tracks. Alabamians are overwhelmingly against these egregious, overreaching federal mandates, and I stand firmly with them."

This statement was preceded by Attorney General Steve Marshall's lawsuit that he filed to put a halt to President Biden's vaccine mandate order, put into place Oct. 29. You can read the lawsuit here.

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