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BSU ties student's common "thread" with campus demonstration

AUBURN, AL. (EETV) - Auburn's Black Student Union is working to show students unity through public art. 

The Unity project took place on the Campus Green Friday allowing students to "weave" their story into the Auburn Family. 

"It all starts with being an Auburn student", explains BSU Marketing Director Jayla Coleman, "It is the thing that ties us all together."

The demonstration began with students tying a string to a pole in the center of a ring of poles, each with a different identifier attached to it. From the center "Auburn student" pole participants wrapped their line of string around poles they identify with. 

"You take your yarn and wrap it around the pole that makes you, you. It overlaps with everyone to show unity, inclusion and how we're all connected."

College, race, and political ties were among some of the identifiers that students could select.

Coleman noted that it was neat to watch students connect around different poles that had never met before. 


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