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New album from Taylor Swift. ​

New album from Taylor Swift. 

​Taylor Swift’s back with new single dropping tonight

Taylor Swift has done it again.

Taylor Swift is known for many things - dancing like nobody’s watching, expressing a devotion to her cats, relating to her fans through songs featuring milestones we’ve all lived - and, as of yesterday, she can add announcing a new single and new album all in one day to that list.

Could we love her any more?

Swift has kept it mysteriously quiet this past month on social media as she deleted all of her pictures on Instagram in addition to keeping a noticeably bare profile on Facebook and Twitter. For dedicated Swifties, this absence alone pointed to big news in the near future.

After posting various teases of a snake on Instagram for three days in a row, Swift posted yesterday that her new single would drop tomorrow followed by a photo of her face covered in newspaper print with a final post announcing her new album, “Reputation” which will be released Nov. 10 of this year.

Swift is all about surprise. While we know her new single drops tonight with an album following in November, in her announcement, Swift did not name hint to a song title or an approximate time the single would drop.

Before releasing her current album, “1989,” Swift hinted to various songs on the album by posting symbolic polaroids.

This will be Swift’s first album since “1989’” came out over three years ago.

At the moment, all we know is that Taylor Swift is about to give our playlists and car jams a long overdue redemption. 


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