AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Chances are, if you were anywhere near the student center and campus green last night, you stopped to bob your head to the beat only for a moment until switching to full on dancing as COIN’s energy filled the grounds.

Based in Nashville, TN. the up-and-coming band formed back in 2012 while students at Belmont University. The four member band is comprised of guitarist and vocalist, Joe Memmel, drummer Ryan Winnen, bassist Zach Duke, and lead vocalist and synth maestro, Chase Lawrence.

It is evident that COIN has a growing fanbase not only for their distinctive sound, but for their energetic performances.

Auburn sophomore and COIN devotee, Lauren Little, continuously noted COIN for putting on a memorable concert, saying, “COIN is a band that is just so fun. I’ve seen them before, and their energy level… it never drops.”

Never missing a beat, COIN led concertgoers in what was a jam session and dance party all-in-one.

The concert lineup consisted of roughly fifteen songs featuring music off their earlier albums including “Inside Palace” and “COIN” in addition to their newest album released this April “How Will You Know If You Never Try.”

Even Aubie the Tiger made an appearance with COIN as they performed their hit single, “Talk Too Much.” Air strumming his tail and jumping right alongside COIN, even lead vocalist Lawrence was an Aubie fan by the end of the night.

This was COIN’s first appearance at Auburn University, and by the looks of last night’s concert, certainly not their last.