Atlanta, Ga. (EETV) - The Atlanta Braves made quite a few changes this offseason, most notably the move from Turner Field to SunTrust Park.

SunTrust Park is surrounded by new businesses, restaurants, shops and apartments. The most notable addition to the park though is the new food offered inside.

Over the past few years many professional baseball parks have started serving new and sometimes even outrageous foods. The Braves are the latest team to join in on the new food upgrades.

Fans attending can find any type of food, from your regular peanuts and Cracker Jacks to taco bowls and barbecue.

The park also includes a sit-down restaurant overlooking the field and a small market to shop in for food and drinks.

Turner Field had Waffle House. SunTrust Park has Chick Fil A. The park couldn’t be complete without a Georgia-favorite restaurant.

Concession stands also have an upgrade and contain one of the most recognizable Braves food option, a soft pretzel in the shape of the Atlanta Braves’ A.

There are also healthier options available in the park, in addition to vegetarian and vegan options.

A fan who bought a vegan burger was excited about the new changes.

“It’s not every day you go a lot of places where you can find vegan options like burgers and hotdogs so I’m really happy,” Nina Deliz said.

SunTrust Park is also doing more than serving fans with the new food options. The new move gave local foundations in the area an opportunity to work and raise money for their foundation.

“This is the stand that is staffed with volunteers from the Boy Scouts,” Sharon Bunyard said. “We are earning commission-based sales for our troop to have enough money to do different service projects and provide scholarships to boys who want to be in Scouts, but couldn’t otherwise afford it. Once the ballpark moved up here to Cobb County, we had the opportunity to have about a three-mile commute. One of our friends said ‘Hey. Listen. I think these are all staffed with nonprofits. Why don’t we see if we can do it?’ And here we are.”

SunTrust Park is located at 755 Battery Ave. SE in Atlanta, Georgia, and is opened during any Atlanta Braves baseball game.