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City of Auburn holds job fair to help those displaced by MasterPlan

Auburn, Ala. — The City of Auburn announced a partnership with local businesses and Auburn City Schools to host a job fair on Tuesday, June 19, from 3 - 8 p.m. The job fair is to assist those recently laid off by the closing of MasterBrand’s Auburn plant. The company stunned employers and city officials on June 12 by announcing its closure because of ‘market conditions and changes in consumer taste.’ Auburn City officials announced their efforts to assist in placing the 445 affected employees in jobs. “It’s great to see the entire community coming together in this critical time for those who lost their jobs this week,” said Cary Cox, the City of Auburn’s workforce development director.

Former Tuskegee police lieutenant convicted for assaulting arestee

Tuskegee, Ala. -- Former Tuskegee police lieutenant Alex Hunley, was convicted for his role in the beating of a compliant, handcuffed arrestee and a cover-up of the incident in 2014. According to evidence presented at the trial, Huntley arrested a man who scuffled with police near the Tuskegee town square and directed a fellow police officer to transport him back to the Tuskegee Police Department for booking.

Former Franklin County Administrator sentenced to prison involving ethics crimes

Franklin County, Ala. -- A judge sentenced former Franklin County Administrator, Crista Madden, to two 20-year sentences for violating the Alabama ethics law for an unlawful gain of $753,889 in county funds. Madden pleaded guilty in March in two counts of felony ethics violations: misuse of her official position for personal gain and use of public equipment for personal gain.

The man behind "Dumps Like a Truck"

Auburn, Ala. -- In 2014, Whitley Dykes posted a picture of a meal cooked by his mother-in-law on his Instagram account with the caption, “Dumps like a truck,”: a picture that would change his life forever. Dykes got the idea to open the food truck with the help of his wife because of what he called, “A lack of places for the many Chinese to get authentic food in Auburn.” The name was inspired by the famous “Thong Song” by the artist, Sisqó, and its line, “dumps like a truck.” Dykes took this line from the song and started a food truck with a purpose.

Gov. Ivey announces summer program to promote literacy

Montgomery, Ala. —Gov. KayIvey made an announcement Thursday, May 31, regarding the pilot of the Alabama Summer Achievement Program (ASAP) at four Montgomery Public Schools. Ivey joins Montgomery Public Schools, the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Reading Initiative for the announcement of the program.

​Gov. Ivey announces Sentry Program to train administrators in school security

Montgomery, Ala. -- Gov. Kay Ivey announced in a press conference Wednesday, May 30, that she will be beginning the Alabama Sentry Program, which will provide additional security precautions to schools that lack a School Resource Officer (SRO). The Alabama Sentry Program allows volunteer administrators in schools without School Resource Officers to keep a firearm on campus in a secure location in case of an active shooter situation.