Mark Arrowsmith


Presidential Candidate Profile: Mike O'Key

Auburn, Ala.(EETV)- Being a the first out of his family to go to college, Micheal O'Key, Junior from Fayetteville, NC, currently double majoring in Public Administration and Environmental Design, says that it was difficult figuring out college at first but with the help of people he involved himself with he was able to gain the tools necessary to succeed in college. “Being able to figure out myself around a people that I have had the opportunity to [work] with is an amazing experience.”

Presidential Candidate Profile: Dane Block

Auburn, Ala. (EETV)- Dane Block feels it is necessary to build upon your Auburn experience, from Huntsville, Al, majoring in finance and minoring in marketing, he feels that the most incredible thing at Auburn is your experience that you have.“Something that is so unique to Auburn that you can’t find anywhere else is the Auburn experience, whatever you do that is your Auburn experience, every decision you make shapes this experience.”

Presidential Candidate Profile: Brianna Thomas

Auburn, Ala.(EETV)- Brianna Thomas is pushing and focusing on students to submit feedback. Thomas, a Junior from Jackson, Al, currently majoring in Political Science, says that student feedback is key in order to know if SGA is fixing the Auburn University students concerns. "[I am] focusing and pushing on getting students to submit feedback whether that be through Auburn Answers or Weekly Concourse Hours to SGA so that we can make sure that we can make sure that we are working on projects that students really want us to work on." Thomas is heavily involved at Auburn University.

SGA Recognizing the Auburn Gay and Lesbian Association

It was a room filled with differing viewpoints Monday Night on the passing of the bill for the Recognition of the Auburn Gay and Lesbian Association (AGLA).  Senator of Graduate School, Max Zimmer, presented this bill to the Senate yesterday.

SGA Approves For the Funding of the BSU Step Show

On Monday Night the SGA finalized the bill to fund the Black Student Union for their National Pannehelinic Council Step Show happening in Spring 2018. The Black Student Union represents the interests and concerns of black students at Auburn University and they strive to intertwine all aspects of black student life for the purpose of improving the campus environment.  They are being funded $5,000 towards this event.

SGA Passes A Pair of Funding Laws

The SGA passed multiple laws expanding program funds for various activities. They passed the program expansion fund laws for the Red Barn Series and the Special Activities.  The Red Barn Series is a 2-day concert series involving singer-songwriter, alternative, and indie bands.