Auburn, Ala. - The two candidates locked in the run-off for Auburn mayor are on opposites ends up of the debate surrounding the height of buildings in the downtown area.

The issue of building height has been the subject of much debate with the city council voting in April to increase the building height from 65 ft to 75 ft.

Candidate David Hill released a parody video on Wednesday which depicted Auburn as a city overrun with construction, calling some of the construction “dog butt ugly” and “just awful.”

Ron Anders, who supported a building height increase, released a statement in position of Hill’s video: “I, like so many residents, am offended by the recent attacks that my opponent has levied agains the City of Auburn. How can Mr. Hill lead with this type of offensive propaganda aimed at his own city? This will not unite our citizens around a common spirit for the future of Auburn,” said Anders. “His campaign is riddled with innuendo and a callous disregard for the facts. I’m confident voters will reject his pessimistic view and embrace the optimistic vision that still believes Auburn is the Loveliest Village on the Plains.”

“I have never said or even thought of the “city of Auburn” as ugly. The so-called quote is misleadingly lifted from a parody video that lampoons the tall buildings and new developments at Glenn, Gay and College,” said Hill. “That downtown development is indeed ugly by whatever adjective you choose. Ron Anders and others in city government in recent years must now be held accountable for what has happened to our downtown.”

Citizens will be able to cast their votes on election day, October 9.