Auburn, Ala. -- On Dec. 1, Auburn’s Harrison School of Pharmacy will bring on Dr. Scott Penzak as a professor and need head of the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

“I’m thrilled to have Dr. Penzak joining the Harrison School of Pharmacy leadership team,” said Richard Hansen, dean of Auburn’s pharmacy school. “His robust research experience combined with established leadership experience will help to propel the department and school on multiple fronts.”

Penzak graduated in 1990 from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in pharmacy, later completing his Pharm. D. at Wayne State University and two years of research at the University of Arkansas, studying infectious diseases pharmacology.

The Department of Pharmacy Practice at Auburn’s primary focus is the development, implantation and enhancement of innovative pharmacy practice models in Alabama communities which improves the quality of life. The department is comprised of more than 40 faculty members who are assigned to geographic regions through Alabama such as Huntsville, Birmingham, Auburn, and Mobile.

Penzak has been a faculty member at University of North Texas Health Sciences Center in the College of Pharmacy since 2014 with over 20 years experience prior of research and leading research laboratories.

Penzak’s research focused primarily on pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics, drug-drug and drug-herb interactions with antiretroviral medications.

Penzak received numerous awards during his time as director if the Clinical Pharmacokinetics Research Laboratory such as 3 director awards at NIH and an NIH mentoring award. He has generated more than 150 publications for various journals.

“I am extremely excited to move to Auburn. It is a privilege to be able to lead such a talented group of faculty members,” said Penzak. “Together I believe we cab are a huge impact on advancing pharmacy practice through research, education and clinical service.”