New restaurants coming to the Auburn area dominated the conversation at Tuesday's City Council meeting, reaching approval for numerous establishments including a repurposed city icon and a mobile food cart. 

Twin City Restaurant

A reputable restauranteur, Matt Poirier, was met with much criticism, as he proposed a new food establishment at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

An expansion of this restaurant was also approved among other new concepts for food and retail in the area.

Poirier, current owner of the Hound and the Depot, received approval for the construction of Twin City Restaurant despite a number of concerned residents.

“We are unanimous in being extremely concerned about noise and City Council has dropped the ball on these concerns,” stated James Ryan, president of Burke Place Subdivision’s Homeowners Association.

Residents found themselves worried about the noise that could come from the restaurant and bar among other concerns including safety and lighting.

“We bought in Burke Place for a reason,” said resident Lucy Lamar. “It’s a haven within Auburn, and I think we have a right to the quality of life we have chosen to live.”

Despite the concern from residents, however, the Council expressed confidence in the restaurant and its owner.

“This is someone who has invested in our community and is someone that we’re proud of,” stated Mayor Bill Ham.

The decision for approval was made with an agreement from the Council and Poirier concerning specific rules for operation.

“We agreed to build a bigger wall, which is going to cost us more money, we agreed to build a substantial stage, which is going to cost us more money and then we are sacrificing some of our available time to make money by shutting down early, so I feel that we have made very adequate accommodations,” said Poirier.

Twin City Restaurant will be located on Opelika Road in the former Twin City Concrete building near Mike’s Merchandise and the Plaza Motel.

The restaurant, according to Poirier, is purposed for counter service food and a multitude of entertainment and games within a family-friendly atmosphere.

Twin City Cottages

The former Twin City Concrete business was also approved for expansion into more than just a restaurant.

Twin City Cottages, a new residential area neighboring Twin City Restaurant, was also approved by the Council.

Civil engineer for the project, Parker Lewis, compared the development to Creekside of Auburn, planning to incorporate a variety of residence sizes.

Councilman Ron Anders expressed his interest in the project: “This is a deteriorated part of Opelika Road, and this project will help remove that eyesore.”

Restaurant Development

Even more restaurants were also approved for development throughout the meeting.

A new retail area complete with multiple restaurants was approved for construction along Bent Creek Road near Sam’s Club.

Additionally, a restaurant with a pick-up window was approved for building across from Church of the Highlands on East Samford Avenue.

These restaurants have not yet been named.

Mobile Food Cart

While the community waits for these new restaurants, a food source with easy access has been approved for immediate operation.

Award Weiners, a mobile food cart selling a variety of hot dogs, has been zoned within the downtown area.

The cart can be found along the sidewalk areas neighboring SkyBar Café and Anders Bookstore.

Award Weiners was granted permission to operate on both an individual basis and for special events.