Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Tiger Dining Senior Executive Chef Emil invited three student teams into the kitchen Tuesday night to battle it our Chopped style.

The "COSAMwhiches", "Delta" and "Honors Cucina" battled it out for an hour over the stove working to defeat their opponents. 

The competitors were required to use a number of ingredients Auburn Fish, barley, Cattleman's BBQ sauce and heirloom tomatoes.

Fifteen minutes into the competition Chef Emil entered the cooking area with a box of surprise ingredients.

"Your challenge is to incorporate two of the following three ingredients into your dish: Vienna weenies, rice cakes and cinnamon candies."

Each team took a unique technique in their preparation. 

The COSAMwhiches created a fish taco with a barley salad presented in an avocado shell.

Delta took inspiration from the BBQ sauce preparing a BBQ fish presented family style for the judges. 

Honors Cucina Created a fish stew and a side of Bruschetta with melted cinnamon candies stung across the dish. 

The Honors Cucina took home the win and will be back to compete against Chef Emil later this semester.