Keith Urban might think “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” but Crayola thinks otherwise.

On Thursday, the staple crayon company, Crayola, announced a new shade of blue named “bluetiful” to join the current 24-count Crayola box.

According to Fox News, the name “bluetiful” beat other potential names in a nationwide competition created by Crayola including “blue moon bliss, “dreams come true,” “reach for the stars,” and “star spangled blue.”

“Bluetiful” is replacing the color “dandelion” in the Crayola 24-pack, making it the first time a color was removed and replaced since the original box was released.

Ellie Falconer, a junior at Auburn University, spoke highly of Crayola’s addition, saying, “I think it’s a creative name. I don’t think Crayola went too far because it’s short and to the point - it’s a beautiful hue of blue!”

Others, however, feel that Crayola should have just stuck to tradition. “I think it’s just cheesy! There’s no point in naming it that when it could just be ‘blue,’” said Liam McGlynn, also a junior at Auburn University.

According to USA Today, “bluetiful” was inspired by a color discovered by two chemists in 2009.

Though a specific date has not been named, Crayola devotees can expect to find “bluetiful” amongst their family of crayons soon.