Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - The headlines keep on coming out from Auburn Athletics. The most recent being on Sept. 26 when Auburn basketball associate head coach Chuck Person was charged in a federal bribery case.

This month alone, there have been three major headlines coming out of Auburn Athletics, first starting on Aug. 26.

Note that the first scandal occurred exactly one month before the Person scandal broke.

To put these dates and incidents in perspective, here's a breakdown of the timeline of scandals within the Auburn Athletics program.

On Aug. 26, ESPN reported that former softball player Alexa Nemeth filed a Title IX suit alleging abusive treatment by the Auburn softball coaching staff and a pattern of sexual harassment. The report came days after head coach Clint Myers announced his retirement.

In an Eagle Eye exclusive, a former player who wishes to remain anonymous told the story of what really happened in the Auburn softball program.

The former player stated that the team was locked in their team room before leaving for the Georgia series for four hours because of pictures of text messages which confirmed the relationship between Cory and the former player.

The meeting also included Associate AD Meredith Jenkins along with the softball coaching staff.

According to our anonymous source, Jenkins told the players “a police report had been filed and that if we had the picture we could face criminal charges.”

Now fast forward to Sept. 17, when headline number two came into play, this time involving football.

In the early morning hours following the Auburn win over Mercer, backup quarterback Sean White was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

By Monday morning (Sept. 18) Gus Malzahn announced that White would be dismissed from the team.

Almost a week later, the news broke of Chuch Person being listed a defendant in a federal bribery case.

Person has been involved with Auburn basketball for years, playing a key role in recruiting. 

Considering the FBI report states that, Person successfully directed student-athletes to retain services of a specific financial advisor and business manager in Fall 2016, it is no wonder he helped recruit some of the best signing classes in program history.

With these three major headlines coming from the Auburn Athletic program, many Auburn fans have been calling for the firing or resignation of athletic director Jay Jacobs

If you look back at other major scandals at universities such as Penn State, UNC, and Baylor, it is clear that most of the Athletic Department heads were either fired or resigned. Along with these resignations, the coaches involved in the sports that were called into question were fired.

With that in mind, it would be difficult for Auburn to keep basketball coach Bruce Pearl. Pearl has just recently come off a "NCAA blacklist" for recruiting violations at Tennesse. 

On Sept. 27, a caller into the Paul Finebaum show said he would imagine it would be difficult for Auburn to keep both Jacobs and Pearl.

As of Sept. 28, there have been no new developments have come out of Auburn Athletics regarding Jacobs or the Auburn basketball program.