AUBURN, ALA. (EETV) - Student Government Association Chief of Staff Jacob Tofani resigned from his position Friday morning.

Tofani cited the need to find a balance between academics and other involvement as a primary reason for stepping down.

Tofani has been chief of staff since SGA President Jacqueline Keck was elected in February. His primary role was to oversee the operations of the executive cabinet.

Keck said in a statement to Eagle Eye, "In resigning, Jacob did what was best for him personally and for SGA as a whole. Although it is a loss and we will miss him being Chief of Staff, he will be able to find balanced and better focus on ROTC and his other commitments. I always strive to put people above projects, in this case position, so I fully support Jacob's decision and am thankful for all the he has contributed to our team over the past three months."

SGA Adviser Bradley Smith said in a statement, "Unfortunately, Jacob decided he needed to resign as he did not believe he could continue fulfilling his multiple responsibilities to the best of his ability and maintain his personal health. Pursuing a future as an Army Officer, he decided he needed to focus his energy on his ROTC commitments and academics, and we support him in that decision as those things should come first."