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Sports Night in Auburn-3/22

Producer: Mikayla Kelly Writers: Mikayla Kelly and Joleigh Cavanagh Anchors:Vince Wolfram and Kegan Miller Packages by: Vince Wolfram and Andrew Agostanelli


Sports Night in Auburn 4/16

Director: Joleigh Cavanagh Anchors: Jack Corbett & Justin Stuckey Producers: Joleigh Cavanagh, Paige Hunter & Jack Corbett Reporters: Faith Richardson, Valerie Heffernan, Jakai Spikes & Micah Farmer Camera Operators: Lauren Rudiger & Nic Young

Monday News 4/15

Anchors: Joe Champagne, Allison Foran, Cohen Dalzell, Morgan Sims Producer: Celina Aleman