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upc valentines
Courtesy of UPC

UPC celebrates Valentine's Day on campus sharing the love with students

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Many know that Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine, but what many don’t know is that there were probably two Valentines. Saint Valentine of Terni is the more famous one though, known for officiating weddings for soldiers in secret, and writing love letters from his cell after he was caught. He signed them all, “From Your Valentine,” which is still a phrase used today. It’s a holiday with a lot of history, and that’s why Auburn always makes sure to celebrate it.

Valentine’s Day at Auburn is a beloved tradition with many clubs and people on campus celebrating it all in their own way. One of those celebrations last Wednesday was put on by UPC. They put on a rose and donut giveaway on the Haly Concourse from 11 am to 1 pm for any students who wanted to share the love.

Aubie even made a special guest appearance taking photos with anyone who wanted a picture to remember the day. Tons of Auburn students came out to celebrate and it was a great time for all those involved. Donovan from UPC said, “It’s a day of love and surprises.” Dakota from UPC said, “It’s a day full of love to celebrate people and our connections to one another.”

If you’re interested in more UPC events you can follow their Instagram here. They have a charcuterie board-making event, a cake-decorating event, and a mystery Earth Day event coming up soon, so stay tuned.