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Auburn University Libraries show their support for the American Library Association's 'Banned Books Week'

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - This week, Ralph Brown Draughon Library is hosting 'Banned Books Week' to educate students about censorship. From Oct. 1-7, books, interactive displays and readings will be available to the public right inside the library.

Instructor in Student Success and Assistant Professor, Abigail Higgins, and Digital Scholarship Librarian and Assistant Professor, Carrie Hill, gave insight into the meaning behind this week and what we can expect.

"Banned Books is a national week celebrated through the American Library Association," Higgins said. "It's not a University-specific initiative.

When books progressively started to be challenged in the Auburn Public Library, Higgins and Hill recognized this and started support from RBD.

"There have been some local challenges within our public library here, and how can we as a University help educate students that are not just living in a University bubble, but as members of the community as well?" Higgins asked. "My take on it is the more we can educate students now while they are still learning about their intellectual abilities and freedoms, then the better they are going to be good citizens."

Events are happening all across the building, from sticky note questionnaires to public readings, RBD is making sure to show their support for the challenges famous books we know and love are facing. 

To learn more, visit for more information.


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