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Reporters: Nicholas Wetzel, Allison Foran

Discount program enters third year saving money on The Plains

Members of the Auburn Student Government Association have started to advance their advertising for the AU 10 program across social media outlets. 

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Members of the Auburn Student Government Association have started to advance their advertising for the AU 10 program across social media outlets. 

AU 10 was developed in 2020 as a partnership between the Auburn SGA and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. Utilized by numerous restaurants, shops and services within the Auburn community, the program offers the school’s nearly 32,000 students a 10 percent discount on most items and meals if they produce their Tiger Card during checkout. It was designed as a means of emphasizing the importance of supporting local businesses and student welfare. 

After a meeting last semester with Crystal McKelvy, the Auburn Chamber of Commerce’s Events Services Coordinator, Auburn SGA’s Executive Vice President of Outreach, Maddie Robison, had the opportunity to discuss plans for the program’s future goals. 

“Our goal for this year is to just continue to make the AU 10 program known for upcoming students while also promoting it with current Auburn students,” said Robison in March. “One way for this year that I am hoping we can improve upon is our push on social media.” 

So far, the Auburn SGA is doing just that, releasing a post on Instagram featuring every company involved in the program. In addition, the idea of a QR code keychain directory was also tossed into the mix. 

“This program is for the students to use and for their benefit,” said Robison. “They just have to know about it.” 

With many students living away from home and having to stick to a tight budget as they go through each semester, the AU 10 program is aiming to not only help them out financially, but also to give them a taste of local culture.  

Many Auburn students are pleased with the perks the program provides, while others are just learning about it.   

“A 10 percent discount is a lot for pretty much anything, especially when it comes to food,” said Auburn junior Carson Bulgin. “Definitely as a college student, I appreciate that greatly. It’s super, super useful to know now, and I am planning on using that everywhere.” 

“I think it helps the community know the students,” said freshman Mary Hogan Glenn, “and it helps the students go eat at those places and buy at those places.” 

While its current focus is expanding its reach throughout the student body, the AU 10 program’s priority is also to expand its grasp throughout Auburn and Opelika, adding different businesses to the program each year. 

“Every summer, the Auburn Chamber sends an email to new businesses and businesses that are already on the program to see if they want to join or leave the program,” said Robison. “That continues every year just so we get a new, updated list.”  

While participating companies do not receive a direct monetary benefit from being part of AU 10, local businesses have found that the program has given them a great opportunity for advertising.

The store manager of Auburn Oil Company Booksellers, Angela Wilhite jumped on the idea of joining the program during its initial creation in 2020.  

“They asked downtown businesses ‘who wanted to do this?’” said Wilhite. “We were like, ‘we do.’ It’s great advertisement. It’s nice to offer a discount.” 

For more information on the AU 10 program and a list of participating companies, the Events and Programs page at or @auburnsga on Instagram.


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