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Reporter: Zach Card

Beat Bama Food Drive gets ready to kickoff their 30th annual food drive

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Coming off of a historic year, the Beat Bama Food Drive (BBFD) is ready to kick-off their 30th annual food drive to serve the East Alabama community.

Last year, the food drive totaled over 550,117 pounds of food donated to the East Alabama Food Bank. The University of Alabama and Auburn combined for over 1 million pounds to fight food insecurity.

"I haven't really put a number on it yet. Our team has just been 'go as big as possible'," BBFD President Justin King said about their goal this year. "We've continuously done that in the past; any number we set we always end up overshooting it anyways."

The food drive is looking for any food that is heavy. To win the competition, BBFD has to donate more pounds than their Alabama counterpart. 

If you want to support the food drive, visit

The food drive begins on Friday, September 29 and ends on Thursday, November 16.