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Ryan Hall's Platform to become your 2023 SGA President.

SGA Elections 2023: Presidential Candidate: Ryan Hall

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - SGA Presidential Candidate: Ryan Hall

Hall's platform transcript: "Hey guys, my name is Ryan Hall, and I am running to be your next SGA President. Rather than rattle off a couple of big words and stick to formalities, I’ll get right to it- now more than ever, I think it’s time that we as students take ownership of our short time here at Auburn- I think it’s time that we go Hall In. 

No matter whether or not you have Greek letters in your Instagram bio, what organization you are a part of- we have a responsibility-together- to create something worth handing down to the next generation. We are going Hall In for an Inclusive Student Experience, Unmatched Tradition, and True Governance. 

Tangibly, this looks like establishing RecRewards: Receiving benefits for staying active on campus, and we can also establish collaborations with off campus fitness locations to assist with overcrowding at the rec. Additionally, we can create a brand-new yearly event that revolves around live music- Jordan Hare Stadium always brings us together campus wide. But this time, it’s for a new tradition. 

Finally, we can all serve our governing body through servant leadership. For example, I bet you didn’t know you can partner with your college senator and write your own bill! I hope that you’ll go Hall In with me on February 3rd in this exciting new season as students at Auburn!"


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