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Auburn floor Derrian Gobourne vs LSU 20210205 SL1_8198 edited.JPG
Feb 5, 2021; Auburn, AL, USA; Auburn Tigers Derrian Gobourne competes in floor during the gymnastics meet against LSU at Auburn Arena. Mandatory Credit: Shanna Lockwood/AU Athletics

Auburn Women’s Gymnastics Continues to Strive for Perfection After Big Win Over North Carolina State

AUBURN, Alabama (EETV ) -- The Auburn Tigers defeated the North Carolina State Wolfpack in Neville Arena with help from an almost perfect 10.00 on floor from Derrian Gobourne.

Although the meet ended with an Auburn win, Cassie Stevens feels as if there is more potential for the team than what was put on in the arena last night.

“I just feel like we haven’t hit our stride yet, we know there's so much more in the tank.”

Stevens ended the night with first place in All Around, taking the lead by 0.35.

“I was really happy with my performance. Working on all those little, finer details in the gym this past week really paid off.”

Auburn ended their rotation on floor, where fans saw an almost perfect 10.00 performance from Derrian Goborune. Goborune rounded out the night with a 9.97, the highest score from the entire meet. Aria Brusch supported her teammates' fierce performance and the life it brings to the arena each time.

“It gives us a lot of energy and makes us excited… we know she can perform and get the crowd hyped,” which was evident as the jungle made its roar. “Everything just comes together,” Brusch said.

Stevens took the lead on vault with a 9.925 to start the Tiger's rotation off strong.

Sunisa Lee recorded a 9.950 on her bars performance.

Aria Brusch, Cassie Stevens, and Suni Lee all tied with NC State’s Chloe Negrete for the beam title with a score of 9.90.

The Tigers are hoping to reach that stride of perfection as they move on to compete against the Crimson Tide next Friday in Tuscaloosa, AL. Brusch and Stevens travel to the home of the Tide for the first time as they are “excited to show them what’s up,” says Brusch.


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