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Auburn vs Alabama
Oct 28, 2022; Auburn, AL, USA; Ike Irish hits a home run during the game between Auburn and Alabama at Plainsman Park. Mandatory Credit: Jacob Taylor/AU Athletics

The Tigers close out its fall exhibition by overcoming the Tide

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - The Auburn Tigers finished their fall exhibition with a big 13-8 win over the Alabama Crimson Tide. After a strenuous 12 innings, the Tigers conquer its rivals with its talent leading the way. By the end of the game, Auburn had 20 position players and ten pitchers that saw the field.

Before the first pitch, the 2022 College World Series alums, including drafted Blake Rambush and Sonny Dichiara, threw the ceremonial pitch. Today, drafted and current members of Auburn’s 2022 College World Series team were recognized in Jordan-Hare Stadium before the Arkansas game.

Auburn’s electric seventh inning pushed the Tigers to victory.

Not being able to score in the last three innings, transfer Justin Kirby sparked the Tigers’ offense with a solo home run. Following his lead, redshirt senior Bobby Pierce ripped a two-RBI single through the left of Hitchcock Field. After Bama switched two pitchers, the young freshman Ike Irish claimed his second home run of the night, giving Auburn an 8-3 lead over Alabama.

Leading Auburn, fifth-year Kason Howell racked up a total of two runs and three home runs. Trailing behind Howell, senior Bryson Ware and transfer Brody Wortham ended the game with a run and two home runs. Irish had a stellar night with two runs, four RBIs, and two home runs.

Similar to the game against Lousiana Tech, head coach Butch Thompson had ten pitchers on the mound. Sophomore Chase Allstup and junior Joseph Gonzalez were the only pitchers who stayed in for multiple innings. Throwing the first pitch, Allstup threw five strikeouts in his two innings on the mound. Freshman Drew Nelson, redshirt freshman Trevor Horne, and sophomore transfer Will Cannon pitched from the mound in orange and blue for the first time.

After the game, Auburn baseball announced that Joseph Gonzalez, Kason Howell, and Chase Allsup were the stars of the game.

After finishing off Alabama, Auburn waits to start its non-conference schedule. With a packed weekend, the Tigers will face the Indiana Hoosiers February 17-19 at Plainsman Park. The Tigers will officially end their fall season with the Orange vs. Blue World Series next week on Hitchcock Field.