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Recap of April 4 Senate Meeting

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - In this week's SGA Senate meeting, Professor Matthew Kearly gave the Final Lecture and many SGA positions were confirmed.

The Final Lecture allows all students the opportunity to collectively recognize their favorite professors, celebrating those that have made extraordinary contributions to Auburn University through classroom teaching and service to the university. 

The confirmed SGA positions are as follows:

  • Sierra Berry, AVP of Academic Affairs
  • Katie Ramsbacher, AVP of Athletics
  • Dylan Peterson, AVP of Campus Life
  • Miller King, AVP of University Operations
  • Mary Kate Stanford, AVP of Finance
  • Kensley Brewis, AVP of Auburn Rings
  • Brandan Belser, AVP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Anna Coker, AVP of External Affairs
  • Katie Atwater, AVP of Feedback and Assessment
  • Charlie Fleury, AVP of Outreach Programs
  • Jillian Daugherty, AVP of Media Operations
  • Cori Akins, AVP of Communications and Marketing
  • Frannie Gorham, AVP of Cabinet Administration
  • John David Barnett, AVP of Opportunites
  • Pepper Miller, Executive Director of Elections
  • Isabella Dee, Executive Director of School’s Council
  • Lauryn Lewis, College of Human Sciences School’s Council Vice President
  • Sydney Prince, College of Veterinary Medicine School’s Council President
  • Michelle Meza, College of Veterinary Medicine School’s Council Vice President
  • Maddie Lunday, Miss Auburn Chief of Staff

Organizations Board Confirmations were submitted as a Future Order and will be voted on next Senate meeting

The full April 4 Senate Meeting can be found here.