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The City of Opelika Announces ConnectOpelika, a New Text and Chat Platform

Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - ConnectOpelika is a text and web chat platform that will keep city residents up to date on local information.

“We are proud to say we are the first municipality to bring Citibot to the state of Alabama. Now more than ever, Opelika has made it a priority to find ways to improve emergency and non-emergency response for the residents we serve. This partnership gives us another opportunity to meet our people where they are,” said Mayor Gary Fuller.

Powered by Citibot, the leading provider of interactive chat solutions for local government, this new tool puts city information directly into the hands of residents through smart text messaging, web chat, and interactive text alerts. Residents can receive immediate answers to questions, make service requests, send personalized messages and get real-time alerts.

By texting “Hello” to ConnectOpelika at 855-955-LIKA (5452), residents, visitors and businesses can ask questions, make service requests and search for information about topics like business licenses, parks, library services and more. Website visitors can also choose to use the interactive web chat at to access information and services. Questions/comments like “How Can I get a building permit?” or “I would like to report a pothole.” can be answered or processed to the appropriate department immediately.

If a resident has any trouble with ConnectOpelika, please email the Community Relations Department at

For more about Citibot, visit