AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Complying with federal requirements, Auburn is now making vaccines mandatory for employees.

President Biden issued Executive Order 14042 on Sept. 9, 2021, and it detailed how federal contractors must provide adequate COVID-19 safeguards for their workforce. As a public research institution, Auburn University is among hundreds of U.S. universities considered as a federal contractor. Currently, Auburn maintains $200 million in federal contracts that are expected to be impacted by this order. In fiscal year 2020, Alabama contractors were awarded approximately $12 billion from almost 100,000 federal contracts or subcontracts.

Auburn University's mission includes a commitment to advancing research and improving the lives of Alabamians. In order to sustain this mission, Auburn is compelled to comply with the Executive Order issued by President Biden.

The university's vaccine policy has been modified to require that all Auburn employees, full-time or part time and remote or otherwise, must be fully vaccinated no later than Dec. 8, 2021, unless there are circumstances related to health or religion, in which case an exemption must be attained.

To follow the "fully vaccinated" requirements, employees who are not already vaccinated will need to start the vaccination process by the dates listed below to meet the Dec. 8 deadline:

  • Moderna: first dose by Oct. 27, second dose by Nov. 24
  • Pfizer: first dose by Nov. 3, second dose by Nov. 24
  • Johnson & Johnson: dose needed by Nov. 24

By Dec. 8, all employees must submit proof of full vaccination or receive an exemption. Failure to comply constitutes a Group I offense and can end in termination, in accordance with applicable university policies.

Schedule your vaccination appoint through the Pharmacy Scheduler.