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Auburn Celebrates Hey Day 2021 on Oct. 13

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Since World War II, Auburn University has been carrying on an annual tradition that would unite students, faculty, and others within the Auburn family. 

On Wednesday, October 13th, the student body along with the University Student Government Association brought Hey Day. This Auburn tradition is carried on by giving out name tags for individuals to meet and greet others on the Green Space. 

The celebration promotes a friendly atmosphere on Auburn’s campus while enhancing Auburn’s spirit. Coordinators of the event hoped this day would bring participants closer together and further expand the tradition’s outreach, in which they were successful. 

The turnout was even greater this year amidst loosened COVID-19 restrictions, prompting more name tags to be given out allowing for more names to be remembered. 

This has become yet another successful year on behalf of the student body, carrying on one of the University’s longest celebrated traditions while looking forward to cherishing the holiday even more in 2022.


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