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Auburn Alumnus Dr. Jim Phillips Jr. and his Love for Auburn and Helping Others

Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Today, we look at Dr. Jim Phillips Jr., an Auburn alumnus who has dedicated many of his years to bettering the Auburn community.

Dr. Phillips graduated from Auburn with a degree in geology, and attended dental school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and served as the student dental association representative. That began his involvement in organized dentistry and the ALDA.

The ALDA is a nonprofit membership organization that is part of the American Dental Association and consists of dentists who practice in the state of Alabama.

After his graduation from dental school, Phillips was alerted by the dean of affairs about a dental practice for sale in Auburn.

With Phillips love for Auburn, this almost seemed like destiny. His father, Jim "Red" Phillips, was co-captain of the 1957 national championship-winning Auburn football team, and his mother, Mickey, was a majorette.

“A couple of the first words I ever spoke as a baby were ‘War Eagle,’” Phillips said. “I’ve got a plaque that Coach [Shug] Jordan gave me offering a football scholarship when I was born. I grew up knowing about Auburn and wanting to go to Auburn."

Phillips ended up maintaining the Phillips Family Dentistry in the Auburn community for more than 30 years.

During his dental career, Phillips was elected ALDA president. As he steps into his new role as president, Phillips’ goal is to break down barriers within dentistry and to advocate for dentists around the state. He wants to make sure that all dentists in the state, regardless of practice model or specialty, feel represented.

“We try very hard to be representative of all dentists in the state of Alabama,” Phillips said. “The biggest thing we have to do is be an advocate for our dentists and patients we serve.”