Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Abby Bowman (pictured on the left) and Richard Kelsey with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) presented this year's grant check of $24,618 to the East Alabama Recycling Partnership (EARP). Environmental Services Director Terry White (pictured in the center) and Superintendent William Stabler (pictured on the right) are accepting the check on behalf of the EARP.

"The mission at ADEM is to assure for all citizens of the State a safe, healthful, and productive environment," says the ADEM website. In accordance with this, Opelika will use the funds from the grant to purchase additional carts for curbside recycling.

Since the beginning of this grant program, EARP has received over $1,200,000. ADEM has played a huge part in the growth of recycling in Opelika, Auburn, Lee County, and the Auburn University community.

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