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President Jay Gogue Announces His Plans to Step Down As President of Auburn University

Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - On June 11, 2021, Auburn University announced that Jay Gogue’s second term as President of the University would soon be coming to an end. The Auburn Board of Trustees were informed at the June 11 meeting by Gouge that it was time to search for a new President explaining, “I’ve been back a couple of years, and I think it’s about time you do that”.

As a two-time Auburn alumnus, President Gogue was named the 18th President of Auburn University in 2007, where he served the University until he then retired in 2017. After retiring, President Gouge and his wife Susie remained in Auburn allowing Gogue to consult the University as well as continue to teach classes within the College of Education. He later agreed to return as President in 2019 and was named Auburn’s 20th President in 2020.

President Gogue’s departure consists of many well wishes from his colleagues, including Trustee Wayne Smith who stated to Gogue at the meeting that, “We all appreciate everything you have done over the last 12 years”.

Trustee Bob Thomas, who was elected as President Pro Tempore, appointed Trustee Smith to chair the executive board in the presidential search committee to find a new President for Auburn University. President Gogue will continue to serve as President of Auburn throughout the search process.


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