Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - As more and more of the Alabama population reaches complete vaccination against COVID-19 (currently 30% of the adult population of Alabama), Auburn University continues to respond by rolling back COVID precautions that have been in place for just under a year. In addition to the lifting of its mask mandate, the University has announced that a Healthcheck 'Green Screen' passport is no longer necessary in most situations.

The campus Healthcheck is a quick survey that Auburn students were encouraged, and in some situations required, to fill out regarding their health status and their potential to be currently carrying COVID-19. The green screen that appeared once the health check was passed was required to be shown to enter campus events and ride campus transit. This is no longer the case.

However, like with the recension of the mask mandate, there are caveats to this new policy. Auburn University Summer Youth Programs staff are still required to complete a daily Healthcheck and faculty may continue to require students to display their green passport before attending in-person summer semester classes. There is no indication that the requirement to attend some classes with a completed Healthcheck will extend into the fall semester.

Eagle Eye will continue to monitor Auburn University's updates to their COVID-19 policies and post further updates.