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All Auburn students and faculty will be issued new ID cards to take advantage of new campus card readers

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - New card readers are being installed on all doors across campus to allow for easier, contactless entry by students, staff and faculty, as well as to increase safety.

The new readers will allow for additional security measures for campus buildings while providing easier access. The new readers will allow for radio-frequency identification technology utilizing Near-Field Communication to allow a tap like entry.

To utilize the new card readers, all students and faculty will be issued new cards that take advantage of the contactless entry. The cards will also have a magnetic strip on the back so that they can take advantage of the new system as well as the older swipe system as it’s replaced building by building.

Facilities IT Manager Glen Granberry says, “The focus for the summer is to try to update highly used student areas first in order to minimize interruption during the fall. The first buildings to have the new reader technology installed will be all residence halls, starting with the Quad dorms, with completion of all dorm buildings to occur about mid-June.”

Employees and students in buildings with new readers being installed will be issued new cards before work is started. The Onboarding Center has a schedule in place to refresh cards for all faculty and staff and will work with departmental HR offices to notify employees of the new card issuance.