Auburn, AL (EETV)- Head Coach Brian Harsin and his team are two weeks into spring practice as they begin to prepare for their annual A-Day game. Harsin held his second press conference of spring practice to provide update on his team's progress.

The biggest emphasis on Thursday's scrimmage was on the "operation and execution" of the team. "It was simply who can operate and execute. We saw guys who could do that and we saw guys who could improve."

The team went through live play inside Jordan-Hare Stadium and were able to tackle and do situational drills. When asked about the quarterbacks, Harsin said, "There were a couple of turnovers today. I think we fumbled the ball and there was a pick, but it wasn't Bo. Bo operated the offense well but there's still plenty of things at that position that we need to continue to develop."

Harsin was pleased with most of communication from the booth to the field. "I thought it was solid," Harsin said, "We didn't have any headseat issues which was positive. There were a few calls where rights or lefts were not called properly. It's those things that you pay attention to, it's those things that we as a staff can control and that goes back to our attention to detail.

The Tigers will take the upcoming week off to give the coaches and players some time to rest. Players will be able to still come in and train and look at film, but normal practices will not happen during the week. Harsin noted that some of the coaches are still in the process of moving their families to Auburn.

After the week off, the Tigers will practice for two more weeks before the A-Day game on April 17th. Kickoff for that game will be at 1pm.