AUBURN, Ala (EETV) - Governor Kay Ivey has made amends to the Safer at Home order that was recently extended. It has been amended to adhere the updated recommendations from the CDC.

The order amends paragraph 14 which references to social distancing guidelines in elementary, middle, and high schools. Before the amendment, schools were required to take reasonable steps to follow social distancing guidelines; such as being six feet apart from people who are not in the same households. After this amendment the six foot rule has been lessened to three feet apart from others that are not in the same household.

Ivey released this statement after making the amendment:

“Alabama continues moving in the right direction, and we feel very optimistic that COVID-19 will soon be in our rearview mirrors. Until then, we want to ensure that we are doing what we know is right in Alabama, based on recommendations by the CDC and other experts. That also means that we can continue taking reasonable steps to return to normal."

“Alabama schools, for the most part, are setting the example for the rest of the nation, because the majority of our students and teachers are back in the classroom. These latest guidelines from the CDC make the return to the classroom even easier for our schools, and I hope that districts here in Alabama and around the country follow the science and get our kids back in the classroom. Students have not had a voice during the pandemic, and I think we can all agree that it is past time for students and teachers to have the opportunity to be back in the classroom.”