Auburn, AL (EETV)- Several protesters gathered at Toomers Corner to demonstrate against rents and mortgages during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group were from the Party for Socialism and Liberation, who were founded in 2004.

Their reason for protesting was due to the end of the federal moratorium which ends on February 1st. This will make evictions possible for those who can't afford rent or mortgages. The Party of Socialism and Liberation is fighting for those who can't afford to pay rent in during the pandemic.

Jamie Johnson, a member of the of the group, spoke to Eagle Eye's Brendan McLaughlin about their cause saying, "People are behind six to eight months on payments and the stimulus checks are not enough to save these people. We think instead of donating 3.5 trillion dollars to maintain the stock market, that the money should be given to help people maintain the neccessities that they need during the pandemic."

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