MONTGOMERY, Ala (EETV) - Fifteen sites across Alabama now have access to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Alabama's initial allocation of 40,950 doses of the virus will be divided up between long-term care residents, hospital healthcare workers, EMS providers, physician offices, and other hospital staff not associated with the point of distribution. The Alabama Department of Public Health determined the 15 hospitals to receive these shipments based on their ability to handle the ultra-cold storage needed for the vaccine.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses separated by 21 days, and a recall system for second doses has been established, as reported by the ADPH. Additional vaccine doses of the vaccine are expected at weekly intervals, and the second doses of the vaccine will be included in future allocations.

Information regarding the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine's side effect indicated that some recipients had experienced pain at the site of injection, headaches, fever, muscle aches and chills. These side effects were seen more with the second dose than the first dose and were reported to resolve over one to two days. Pfizer and the ADPH have set up mechanisms to monitor any side effects from the vaccine.

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