Auburn, AL (EETV)- The first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines will be sent to Auburn University for distribution on campus. Although there hasn't been a set date, the university is planning a phased distribution when the vaccince is avaliable.

The distribution will be led by the university's COVID-19 Task Force as well as the COVID-19 Resourse Center.

Vaccine decisions will be incorporated by input from affected groups, especially those in high-risk levels. The university plans to focus on those in high-risk health care settings and campus first responders.

In the months ahead, the vaccine supply is projected to increase on campus and will eventually be availiable to the general public.

Auburn has made cold storage units availiable for the vaccine to be stored and will work with the faculty, staff, and students of the Harrison School of Pharmacy.

As updates are determined, information will be posted on Auburn’s COVID-19 Resource Center website. Auburn has requested allocation of the vaccine from the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the university is keeping in constant contact with the agency to ensure readiness when doses are released.