AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - University Facilities Management has been working hard behind the scenes, putting several modifications in place aimed at helping keep university students, faculty, and staff healthy during COVID-19.

“When the pandemic hit this spring, we pivoted from normal operations to put tremendous focus on COVID-19,” said Dan King, associate vice president of Facilities Management. “We launched ahead with changes by pulling out all the stops to do what needed to be done to provide the best environment within campus buildings we could to help keep the campus community healthy.”

In addition to cleaning and disinfection, building signage installation and space modifications, Auburn Facilities is placing a significant amount of time and effort on continuing to improve building air quality.

Building airflow contractors were brought in early on to begin assisting Facilities experts in implementing building air flow testing and modifications to improve air quality. Facilities has  now modified more than 94 percent of campus buildings with central mechanical systems to maximize outside air supplied within the building. 

Facilities has also created “COVID-19 Building Readiness Fact Sheets” for most academic and administrative buildings on campus. The fact sheets detail the COVID-19-related actions taken in a particular building. You can view the fact sheets by visiting the Facilities COVID Portal here on Auburn's website: