AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - On Tuesday, November 3 voters turned out to the polls to cast their votes as to who they want to see as President. Current results by state are as follows.

Updated as of 9:04 p.m. CT

Vermont: Joe Biden

Indiana: Donald Trump

Kentucky: Donald Trump

West Virginia: Donald Trump

Virginia: Joe Biden

Oklahoma: Donald Trump

South Carolina: Doland Trump

Delaware: Joe Biden

Washington D.C.: Joe Biden

Illinois: Joe Biden

Alabama: Donald Trump

Mississippi: Donald Trump

Maryland: Joe Biden

New Jersey: Joe Biden

Connecticut: Joe Biden

Tennessee: Joe Biden

Rhode Island: Joe Biden

Arkansas: Donald Trump

New Mexico: Joe Biden

New York: Joe Biden

North Dakota: Donald Trump

South Dakota: Donald Trump

Nebraska: Donald Trump

Louisiana: Donald Trump

Colorado: Joe Biden

Kansas: Donald Trump