Auburn, AL (EETV)- Auburn CLA Career Advisor Marianne McCarley hosted a virtual career trek with employees from CNN, Macmillan Publishers, and MLB.TV. Students were able to hear from a panel of employees from each company about their life and work in New York.

CNN Entertainment reporter and Auburn alumni Chloe Melas, brought several of her coworkers together to speak to students and answer any questions they may have about their career interests.

"This Virtual NYC Career Trek is my sixth Career Trek and is the fifth city, and furthest from Auburn, that I have been able to highlight in this series since I began with the College of Liberal Arts," McCarley said, "The pandemic has been responsible for so many detrimental outcomes but one positive thing to come from this is the changeover from face to face interactions to remotely connecting students to any employer in the world. Through Zoom students were able to hear five powerhouse speakers from CNN, during which Christina Alesci had to break away and report breaking news just five minutes from being on our panel. With so much happening in the news right now it would have been near impossible to get that group of people together to speak with students, but through the incredible AU alumna Chloe Melas, and some genuinely gracious guests, we were able to pull that together for some smart and ambitious students. Overall, with the success of the Trek connecting students with CNN, Macmillan Publishing and MLB.TV, I see a great deal of events with a national and international outreach to employers in our future."

Auburn CLA Career treks have gone to places such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbus, Georgia, and more, helping students get connected with employees in their field of interest.

The Auburn University Career Center hosts many events throughout the year as well as advising appoinments for students. If you are interested in any of these, you can visit their website at