AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Amid a season of uncertainty and constant changes, Auburn Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris believes depth and the ability to change game tempo will be keys to the Tiger offense.

When it comes to playing speed, the team has not only had to emphasize fast-paced offense. Nowadays, with defenses playing fast too, the ability to change the game tempo is more important than ever. 

Constantly changing playing speeds can cause stress to opponents’ defenses, which is exactly what Morris wants.

“Back early on, I think Coach Malzahn really started it all, it was all about how the tempo was to go fast, to push the accelerator down and and go go go go go,” Morris said. “Now what you’ve seen is defenses evolve to it. They’ve changed their calls. They’ve gone to their one-word calls, so they’re able to play fast with you.

“One of the things is, when you talk tempo now, it’s the ability to change the tempo of a game. Go really fast, then slow it down and really change it up. That causes as much stress as anything. Yes we want to play fast, but we also want to be smart about it.”

Morris spoke about the importance of working in a lot of players in order to build depth, while getting each of them more reps. His goal is to develop the younger guys and get them more involved in meetings so that when it comes time to play, they are ready to take the field.

“More so now than ever it’s all about developing the depth and about making sure everyone is ready to play and bringing them along,” Morris said. “Some guys are progressing faster than others and that’s okay. You just gotta keep bringing everyone along.”

As for the depth of Auburn’s quarterback room, Morris wants to have three quarterbacks ready to play when the Tigers kickoff againt the Wildcats in their homeopener.

After Bo Nix, Morris praised newcomer Grant Loy as a great addition to the team. Loy has proven himself in camp as an intelligent, older quarterback with a great arm and good ability to run. Morris also spoke highly of Cord Sandberg’s fall camp performance, saying he is comfortable with his development.

“I’ve been pleased with those guys, and more importantly the type of people in that room. That’s what you want leading your football team,” Morris said.

In addition to game tempo and team depth, Morris emphasized the importance of adaptation in the midst of such an unpredictable time.

“It’s a different year for everybody right now across the country. I think the biggest thing I could say is change. Change is a part of every day right now, and you better be willing to change. You better be willing to adjust and adapt and do it on the run.”

Auburn will look to progress its offense even further at their third scrimmage of fall camp this Saturday.