AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- Auburn University has recently addressed its concern with people not self-reporting being diagnosed with COVID-19. In the August 31st edition of the weekly newsletter, This Week @ Auburn, the importance of self-reporting is explained. If someone has tested positive for COVID-19 they are advised to fill out this form. This information is completely confidential, so students do not need to feel like this information will be distributed amongst peers. The newsletter also states that the objective of filling out these forms is to help the college get accurate numbers of how many people are infected, as well as keeping other members of the community safe.

As of September 1st, the total amount of positive cases of COVID-19 for Auburn University was 517. That number is significantly higher than the 207 positive cases from August 25th . It seems like students might feel discouraged from reporting because they don't want things getting canceled. However, reporting is necessary in order to help keep others safe and hopefully get keep things running smoothly. Auburn University also has a COVID-19 Resource Center which can be reached by phone at: 334-844-6000. They can also be reached by email at