The Auburn City Council held a special meeting today in order to address the growing concerns around establishments and patrons not complying with Gov. Ivy’s orders related to the pandemic.

The council ended up passing a new resolution that gives more authority to law enforcement to enforce compliance with the regulations laid out in the Governor's orders. This includes enforcing the wearing of masks as well as social distancing regulations not only for bars and restaurants but also for their patrons as well. Previously, establishments could be given citations for not complying with the regulations but the new resolution allows law enforcement the ability to temporarily close those establishments as well as give citations to the patrons as well. For example, if a patron is waiting in line for a bar and they do not have a mask on, they will receive a citation. Establishments and patrons will be treated equally and can face up to a $500 citation.

Another aspect of the resolution includes regulating the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants. This includes suspending walk-up bar services and requiring patrons who are indoors to be seated in order to be served. Patrons will also not be allowed to walk around with their drink as long as they are inside an establishment. This regulation not only applies to bars but also to quick service and sit down restaurants.

The resolution also allows law enforcement to better patrol house parties and greek life-related events that are not following the regulations.

This new resolution will go into effect August 28th at 5pm and extend until September 16th at 6 am. The council will meet on the 15th in order to reassess the situation.