AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) – Auburn University will expand the use of the S/U grading system for the spring semester 2020 in light of the disruptive nature of COVID-19 and the decision to move to remote instruction.

Students will be given a normal A-F letter grade for their courses but will have the opportunity to convert each letter grade to one of three options: SP, SS, or UU. Students may have their grades converted on a course-by-course basis after final grades are posted. This change will be reflected on transcripts and a note will be added defining SP and SS as “Satisfactory” and UU as “Unsatisfactory”.

For undergraduate and professional courses, a letter grade of a C or better is equivalent to  SP, a grade of D is equivalent to SS, and F is equivalent to UU.

For graduate courses, a letter grade of A or B is equivalent to SP, SS for a grade of a C, and UU for a D or an F.

None of the S/U grades will be calculated into GPAs. A grade of an SP and SS will still receive credit for the course and count toward core, major, minor, and certificate requirements. However, a grade of an SS may interfer with some plans of study if a letter grade of a C or better, or a B or better for graduate students, is required.

All students are eligible to convert any of their grades from any of their courses taken in spring 2020 to SP, SS, or UU, with the exception of an F received for academic dishonesty. 

There is no limit to the number of grades a student can convert. The university recommends that students receiving an F should convert their grades to UU instead of using one of their GAPs. 

All requests to convert grades must be made by June 1, 2020. More information on the steps that need to be taken for this process will be available before April 15. Students are not required to inform their professors of their intention to convert their grades.