Dr. Spencer Durham, associate clinical professor in Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy, has been named to Alabama’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force by Governor Kay Ivey. 

The task force is a collection of cabinet and state officials as well as disease specialists formed by Governor Ivy to help prepare Alabama for the impact of COVID-19.

Dr. Durham, a board-certified infectious disease pharmacist, works as the clinical pharmacist on infectious diseases for the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System.

“This is an unprecedented time in medicine and what we are learning about COVID-19 is literally changing on an hourly basis. I am truly honored to be able to help Governor Ivey and the citizens of Alabama navigate through this situation,” said Durham. 

Durham is the only pharmacist on the task force, providing an important perspective of a profession that is battling the virus by educating and working with patients in the community every day.