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Auburns Expanding Industries lead to New Job Opportunities

AUBURN, Ala (EETV)- Auburn is expanding due to two industrial expansions that will invest $28.9 million into the community and create 20 job opportunities.

The expanding industries, Lotte Chemical Alabama and Aptar CSP Technologies, are both located in Auburn Technology Park North and are technology-based manufacturing companies.

Lottee Chemical Alabama is a Premier Asian Chemical company that has been in Auburn since 2011, manufacturing polypropylene resin material for cars and homes. This is the companies second major expansion.

Aptar CPS Technologies, located in Auburn since 2006, is a material science company that creates packing solutions to protect products.

Both companies will open up ten new jobs each, adding to Auburn's current 46 manufacturing opportunities and 5,200 employs. They are a high-quality workforce that expects to continue to expand and increase new opportunities.

Auburn Mayor Ron Anders said, "I would like to congratulate Aptar CSP Technologies and Lotte Chemical Alabama on their expansions and thank them for choosing to invest and grow in Auburn."